Sunday, October 18, 2009


Underwriting a term not used outside of businesses and agencies who perform this action on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it is a term which should be considered by anyone who evaluates their life.
Introspection, another term I use daily. Lately, when thinking about my investments. Evaluating my returns, debt and values [appreciation/depreciation]. Being ones own underwriter is important, I was reminded of this from a visit home.

In my early adult years I did not underwrite my life and I went bankrupt on more occasions than I care to remember. Making deposits where I expected high dividends and not investing in areas that I should have and knew were profitable; only to be disappointed at the end of the month when I reviewed my statement of life. Then tax season arrives and I am looking for a refund from some of my investments throughout the year but what I receive is a notice from the IRS [Insignificant Rogue Souls] who audit(remind you of all your poor yearly expenditures,want receipts, dates and transaction)me. Then they send me a bill of what I owe them. It was all I could do not to go away but I decided I was not making anymore investments and opened a Savings account instead.

This was great, keeping my deposits in one area, slow growing dividends but growing, no debt, returns monthly went directly into my account. Great I tell you, it was great, but it was too safe. Self-investment is good but it can't get in the way of life investments.

It was at this time I needed investment counseling. I learned the importance of determining my worth. However, this determination took a few years to perfect... and it still is not perfected, moreover it is a continual reassessment. Sometimes daily, monthly and there have been hourly reassessments. The point is are you underwriting your life. One important aspect is I have 24/7 support access and I use Him quite often{there is never a busy signal,no automated voice or voicemail}. I recommend him to everyone I come in contact with. So I recommend him to you too:)

I've made investments lately which I am paying high dividends,however all is not a loss because other investments have returned higher than I could have ever expected. A few adjustments here and tweaks there and the end of the month statement will be pleasing to my sight.

Think about it... how important is underwriting to you?

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