Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I've been waiting

There have been moments which have passed by great ones with so much love and joy expressed,  I wondered how to capture them all to express there sentiments forever. I have yet to come up with an idea,  so, they weigh deep within my thoughts basking within the flow and ebbs of my contemplations.

Of late I've thought of Job and how he wished his word were written down on a scroll, how he wished they were carved with an iron pen into lead or carved into stone forever, for those who'd come after him to know and believe that the Redeemer Lives.(Job 19:23-26)

Oh, taste and see... this is how I feel! I have been waiting to write and I shall wait some more as the conversation continues between my LORD and I.  The experience of life, the great ones, and each experience is great no matter the cost. For every lesson caught, taught or learned wanes in the ebb and flows of my heart... waiting to be broken bread and poured out wine.

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