Thursday, May 7, 2009

Familiar Spirits

Just a  thought passing through my mind and I thought I would share.

You know when you have been delivered from some drastic habit, sin (secret or not) or that one thing you just know you will never return too. Nothing could persuade you to return to that thing that kept you down so long that you care not to remember the amount of time. Well, hold on too that thought.

What happens when you know you know that you will not return there, things are going well in your life and then it happens. That THING rears its ugly head. You are entertained for a few moments, the flesh is enjoying the momentary thoughts and then The Spirit of God intervenes into  your joyful thoughts (of what if's and maybe I might) and  gently you hear "Is this a door you would choose to open again" Your flesh toys with that for a moment, you contemplate "well maybe this is how its suppose to be". Then ever so gently the Spirit of God says, "don't open a door that has been shut nor one where you have no power to close again".

Here is my thought. Opening  a pandora box of emotions, feelings, regrets,  to a familiar spirit can be devastating to your soul. It can cost you your life physically and/or spiritually. How willing are you to return to that which you once knew? Is it that intriguing that you would turn your back on the Man who delivered you. It's something to think about.

Never, ever, ever, underestimate the power of familiar spirits. In other words never underestimate the evil ones schemes to entice you. He KNOWS what you like, what makes you feel good, what makes you cry, and what makes you beg. It is that deep. 

You have to train yourself (study) to recognize the familiar spirit for whom it is and call it by name and rebuke it in the Sovereign name of Jesus.  If you find yourself "stuck" in a sense call someone who is  God fearing to help you Spiritually to remember from whence you came and why you do not want to return.

Thank you too my God fearing friend who reminded me of such things and helped me to remember just how close I am to my blessing. Praise God for my Good Friend.

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