Thursday, January 8, 2009

Codename:Operation Faith Walk

My weapons of choice......

My Bible, (two to three versions of course),a couple of devotionals, some great books, God (The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit) and a Journal.

For the last few months I have had the overwhelming desire to return to the environment that felt like home. I knew 7 years ago that one day I would return, however, if you asked me when I could not have provided you with an answer. This place provided me with such peace. You know the peace that surpasses all your human understanding. Trees and green grass all around, people who believe like you believe, freedom to be all you know how to be for and in God. Where is this place...

Well, walk with me through my journey. A journey of faith, love, instruction, correction, growth and trust.

It started for me in January 2008, the year of or for new beginnings. Twenty-o-eight was definitely that for me. I learned to live truly for the first time in my adult years. I learned to trust in a God who could identify with my heart-felt pain and anguish. I learned to live again after dying slowly day by day from grief. I learned to trust in strangers who had nothing but my best interest at heart. I learn to lean on friends and let go and let God. I grew deeper in my faith, dealt with my own (dis)belief system and the realities thereof. I accepted that I had to keep moving forward so I would not be sidetracked from what God had in store for me.

I learned to get up and get out...and too follow God. It was not an easy journey. There were times I could not pray, did not want to pray, refused to pray, too angry to pray. However, as the saying goes..."Somebody prayed for me, had me on their mind, they took the time to pray for me".

All I can say is....I'm GLAD they prayed for me and not preyed on me. 2008 was the preparation for Twenty-0-nine....

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