Sunday, January 11, 2009

Divine Conversations

Today, as I read my daily devotional from Os Hillman, I reflected on how God and I communicate. I realized I work diligently to be in tune with him through his word and prayer. The devotional spoke to this, "Knowing and Discerning Gods Will". God has never steered me wrong. My faith and trust in him has grown and my desire to be like the tree planted firmly by the rivers of water becomes more real to me day by day.

Trees are so significant to me, I don't quite remember when I fell in love with them but they speak of Gods nature and my existence here on this earth. Psalms 1 speaks of the a tree that is planted firmly, what does this mean? Personally, its the assurance of knowing my foundational belief in a God who created this world out of nothing by speaking it into something from the nothing that it was made from keeps me in a steadfast immovable state with him.

In his mercy and grace he blanketed this world with trees,various kinds those that are liken to a faith walk of sorts. Some are seedlings just being planted, looking forward to the day they will grow big and strong, however, they have to weather some storms and heat waves to make it. Some are plucked up by strong winds, knocked over from heavy rains, break under the weight of ice or die from the scorching heat. Then there are those who make it through any type of weather because they are firmly rooted and hold on when the various waves of weather come along.

There is a tree planted here in Upstate New York on the 90 going west, planted a few miles after thruway exit 39. It's a beautiful tree, I am reminded of my desire to be more like Jesus with every passing of this tree. I call it the Uni bi Uni tree. It has the appearance of being one no matter what the season, with leaves and without. It isn't until you are right up on the tree that you realize there's a second planted directly next to it.

I remember the first time I saw the tree, I whispered a prayer for my relationship with a man to be as these two trees. So close and unified that you can't tell its two until your there in front of them. It wasn't until sometime later I understood my prayer was answered and realized that man was God.

It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone. (Ephesians 11:1 The Message Bible)

So closely knit that you can discern Gods will without having to ask him "Whats next", you just follow Him. That is where I am striving to be. It is a life walk of faith and trust in God, the one who created the heavens and the earth in 6 days and rested on the 7th.