Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is this something I can do

Letting go and letting God can be challenging.  I have experienced this from time to time in my past and currently in my present . However, I have learned that God positions me in situations that are favorable and teach me how intimate He wants to be with me. I love this time with him and I leave these moments different from when I began. My current lesson is learning how to be still and enjoy the relationships he is setting up in my life. Connecting with people who I have known but did not know them on a personal level. I am enjoying this learning experience and I am taking in each sweet moment. These are the precious times we share with our God, but never underestimate or overestimate these opportunities with Him. These are teaching moments. It is good to take in what He has for us, but first things are first and that simply is getting out of Gods way, so He can do what he does best and thats being God.

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